What is your goal in life?

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Share Share List What is your goal in life? This is such an open question, and I’m not too sure how many people actually ask this question…and those that do; ‘do they come up with the right answer?’ Is there a right answer to this question? Well probably not really. The right answer will be […]

How to increase sales and profits

If You’re Not Challenged, Change Something

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Share Share List I used to worry about the fact that I got bored too easily and needed to change what I do – I need to be challenged! Now this could be because I haven’t yet found my niche, but also I think it is a big part of being an entrepreneur at heart. […]

Cash Flow Software

Cash Forecaster Software Introduction

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Share Share List Cash Forecaster Software Introduction. We’ve put together a short video, to introduce our easy to use cash flow forecasting template Cash Forecaster Software. However, since making this video we have introduced another benefit for you, which is: If you notify us immediately of a feature you’d like included when you purchase Cash […]