Cash flow forecast template monthly reporting

By Russell Bowyer

Cash flow forecast template has been updated to include monthly reporting, and is now incorporated within Cash Forecaster Software.

Our cash flow software has additional reporting features, whereby you can now produce a profit and loss and a balance sheet for any period. Now you can produce reports from one month to 12 months, with an equally flexible comparative column on the same report.

This upgrade came about as a result of a request from one of our customers. Our customer’s bank (in this case Lloyds Bank Plc) had requested profit and cash flow forecasts to support a loan application the business required for the purchase of a property.

As a part of the loan application, the business needed to report figures on an individual monthly basis. This facility didn’t exist before within the template, as the reports were in a summary format basis. However, now that this update has been added, you’ll be able to choose between the two types of reports, or use both depending on your requirements.

Cash flow forecast template monthly - Monthly profit and loss statement

Monthly profit and loss statement

The information on the monthly profit and loss report is broken-down on a monthly overhead report, which details the main expenditure headings, as follows:

Monthly overhead report

Monthly overhead report

Finally, there’s the balance sheet report, which can be used to report any month end you choose, with a comparative column, also with any period of your choosing.

Cash flow forecast template monthly - Monthly balance sheet report

Monthly balance sheet report

There’s one further report, which reconciles the profit and loss account on the balance sheet. This report is necessary, as the total on the balance sheet is cumulative, whereas the total profit or loss on the profit and loss report is for the period you choose.

If you require cash flow software to produce monthly profit and loss statements and monthly balance sheets, this feature is now available in Cash Forecaster.

Cash Forecaster is designed using Excel and is an easy to use template style software producing professional reports for cash flow forecasts and forecast profit and loss statements.

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