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Cash flow forecast software also has the following reports:

Assumptions report

Summary report

Cash flow forecasts report

Profit forecasts report

Trading report

Overhead summary report

Balance sheets report

Fixed assets report

Loans report

VAT or Sales tax report

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VAT or Sales Tax report


Financial forecast softwareThis is a screen dump of the Value added tax (VAT) (or sales tax) report.

"We can recommend the cash flow forecaster as being a very simple programme to use, producing professional-looking reports, very reasonably priced and saved us many hours of work compiling our own initial spreadsheet. The after-sales service was also extremely efficient" Jane Heard Associates

"By the way I think it is excellent value. Sage wanted me to pay an extortionate amount for sage winforecasting! Glad I didn’t. " Amanda

"I've been putting your product through it's paces and, not surprisingly am finding it excellent." Thorsten of New Zealand

"It took only 10 minutes and I had a complete cash and profit forecast printed and ready for the bank, including balance sheets! Well worth the small investment I made in this easy to use template" Adrian B, UK

"I used to hate putting cash forecasts together before I purchased this Excel template - I always used to worry whether the figures balanced, but now I can revise my figures with complete peace of mind" Simon O

If your business has to deal with VAT, Sales Tax or GST then our cash flow forecast software will deal with this for you. All you have to do is to input which of your sales, cost of sales and overheads are Vatable, attract Sales Tax or GST and enter the relevant percentage of tax then the software does the rest for you. You can also set how your VAT, Sales Tax or GST is paid, be it monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, 6-monthly or annually.

Vat report cash flow forecast input VAT output vat sales tax

Cash flow forecast software template using Microsoft Excel

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