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If you are looking to prepare cash flow forecasts for your business why not try our forecasting software

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Cash Flow Forecasting software

Does your business require a Cash Flow Forecast? Do you need to raise some cash from investors or the bank for an expansion of the business?

Cash flow forecasting softwareOur Cash Flow software is easy to use and takes the hassle out of preparing the essential cash flow forecast documentation you need for your investors or for the bank.

If you have to start from scratch using Excel spreadsheets this can take a long time and then you might find gaps in your figures or worse still, the bank might spot the mistakes that you have not seem.

Use our cash flow planner software you will have a balance sheet to make sure the figures are correct!

What you get:

- Prepare comprehensive monthly cashflow projections for 36 months ahead.

- Projected cash flow and income statements for your and established businesses.

- Balance sheets

- Use it for business plans, cashflow planning and management, budgeting and fund raising.

- Breakeven analysis.

- Business plan software that runs as a powerful, easy-to-use template with Excel.

- You only need a very basic knowledge of Excel.

- You get a quality-built cashflow planner with more features and facilities in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take a very experienced spreadsheet user with a financial background to build from scratch!

- Prepare highly professional and presentable projections.

Try it before you buy it!

You can download the free version of the cash flow software before you buy it - so you get to see how easy it is to use before you commit to purchase.

Use our Cash Flow System to beat your cash flow crisis and to produce a cash flow forecast in minutes. Click this link "Cash flow forecast" to invest now.

Are you planning to raise some cash from investors or the bank?

Do you need to prepare cash flow forecasts? Are you in need of business planning and forecasting software?

Our Cash Flow System is easy to use and takes the hassle out of preparing the essential cash flow forecast document for your investors or the bank.

Save time and get it right and avoid the need to create Excel spreadsheets from scratch. So whether your business is just beginning, you are an existing business that needs to raise cash for expansion or perhaps you are in a cash flow crisis our Cash Flow System will provide you with the solution for your business.

Use our cash flow system to beat your cash flow crisis and to produce a cash flow forecast in minutes. Our Cash Forecasting Tool is an easy-to-use cash and profit forecasting solution to help you gain greater control over your cashflow and your business.

It has been designed specifically to help small businesses to plan more efficiently for the future and is an essential tool that every business should have!

A Must Have Business Forecasting Tool

Our Forecasting Template is a must have business tool. It has been designed with every type of business in mind whether for a new business just starting out or for a business which is looking for further funding or for producing cash and profit forecasts for management.

Cash flow forecasts should be prepared and used by all businesses most of the time and the cash flow forecast can serve three main purposes; firstly, to help prepare for the inevitable cash flow peaks and troughs that all businesses go through; secondly, to forecast how much funding the business might need by way of an overdraft facility or bank loan for expansion plans; thirdly, the forecast, or certainly the profit element of the forecast, can be used as a budgeting tool for the expenditure for the company and as a target for the sales team of the business.

Try it for FREE before you buy it!

A sound investment for any size of business!

Software for cashflow forecasts with ease!

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