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Cash Forecaster Software Introduction

Cash Flow Software
Cash Forecaster Software - an introduction
Cash Forecaster Software

Cash Forecaster Software Introduction.

We’ve put together a short video, to introduce our easy to use cash flow forecasting template Cash Forecaster Software.

However, since making this video we have introduced another benefit for you, which is:

If you notify us immediately of a feature you’d like included when you purchase Cash Forecaster Software, we’ll extend our 30-day guarantee. We will extend our guarantee to the point we deliver on including your requested feature.

But if we’re not able to add the feature you request, for whatever reason, you will receive your money back.

And remember, adding a feature in this way, is completely free of charge too.

If after watching this short introduction on our cash forecaster software, you’d like to see more, please click here.

We have other videos that demonstrate our business software. There are also available from the above link. Each video showing a different aspect of this template software designed in Microsoft Excel.

To use our cash flow software, you’ll need to have Excel installed on your computer in order to use it. However, you will not need to have a good understanding of Excel, as the template is very easy to use. We don’t see that as a problem, as most computers have Excel installed.

If you want to see a bit more detail about our Cash Forecaster please take a look at the longer video below.

So if you are a small business owner looking to prepare cash flow and profit reports, and don’t want to waste your time putting together complicated spreadsheets, our software is for you.

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