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Invoice factoring and cash flow


Invoice factoring and cash flow and the use of Cash Forecaster to help you in your business Your business may already be factoring its invoices or invoice discounting. Or alternatively you might be considering the use of factoring or invoice discounting as a source of business finance. So what is invoice factoring vs invoice discounting? The […]

Cash flow forecast template Excel free trial version


Cash flow forecast template with an Excel free trial version. Our cashflow forecast excel template has been designed with the main focus of speed and accuracy – The speed is in having professional looking reports out in no time at all; The accuracy is controlled by the built-in balance sheet for each period end. This […]

Working capital management strategies for small business


Developing working capital management strategies for small business is the key to success. Working capital management definition as per Wikipedia includes this key element ‘Positive working capital is required to ensure that a firm is able to continue its operations and that it has sufficient funds to satisfy both maturing short-term debt and upcoming operational […]

Cash flow forecast template 3 years


Cash flow forecast template 3 years is probably the best period and our most popular software version. The most popular period for a cash flow forecast is a 3-year forecast, as this is a reasonable time-frame in which to work out your forecast sales and associated costs and overheads for your business. If you are […]

Cash Flow Software


Cash Flow Software is an important tool for your business and is a tool that is used for projecting into the future rather than analysing the past, which is left for your accounting software. I know that in the past I would spend hours setting up a myriad of spreadsheets, projections and sit analysing numbers, […]

Cash is king to business (Profit is vanity and the importance of cash)


Cash is king for all businesses and is a phrase often used in business speak. The term reflects the belief that cash is more valuable than anything else in business. It’s true to say that cash is king and profit is vanity, as profits not converted into cash are useless to any company. The cash is king full saying: Turnover is vanity and profit is sanity, but cash if king.