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How can a profitable company go broke? (Profit into cash to avoid failure)


Even profitable businesses can go broke if the cash flow is not sufficient to continue trading. There are many reasons why certain profitable companies can go under. This can include what’s termed over-trading or simply because the business fails to collect money due from customers in a timely fashion. Whether a business survives or not is dependent on the way the business operates and manages its finances. If management don’t operate correctly, the business could end up in bankruptcy.

How to increase restaurant sales without advertising


How to increase restaurant sales without advertising. This top strategy to increase restaurant sales, has a low-cost of implementation. By using this as one of your main strategies to increase sales in a restaurant, you will benefit from focusing on increasing your sales from existing customers.

This will obviate the need to advertise. Also, by leading with a customer-focused strategy, you will improve the customer experience and in turn improve on the number of times customers return to eat at your establishment.