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Increasing cash flow in a small business (Improve cash flow forecasting)


Increasing cash flow in a small business with a case study and worked examples.

Looking at increasing cash flow from operating activities by increasing cash inflows and reducing cash outflows.

The article explores ways to increase business sales and improving cash flow from customers.

This is achieved through a worked example and case study looking at average transaction value and increasing the number of times customers return.

Short term business loans


Are short term business loans the best solution for getting through a cash flow crisis?

This article discusses what are the advantages of short term business loans and what are the disadvantages of short term business loans. But then the article also looks at the alternatives to short term business loans too.

One of these alternatives is to increase sales and profits instead by focusing on KPI’s like the average transaction value.

Average transaction value


Average transaction value and why it’s important for small businesses to understand?

This article is about average transaction value (ATV). The article also explains why the average transaction is important to small businesses.

I also show you how this key performance indicator, together with seven other key numbers, become the most powerful numbers in your small business and how to use them to your advantage. These become your Small Business Power Numbers.

The 7 Most Important KPIs to Track as a Small Business


The 7 Most Important KPIs to Track as a Small Business with key performance indicators examples.

The power of KPI’s comes from the cumulative affect of combining all of your top key performance indicators.

The leverage of improvement of your key profit drivers will lead to real business growth.

Weekly Cash Flow Forecast Template


Weekly Cash Flow Forecast Template Software for small to medium size businesses. At the request of a customer we have developed a new software product designed using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. We have continued our easy to use ethos with this new template. So even if you’re not an Excel Spreadsheet user you’ll be able to […]

Free Cash Forecaster software demonstration


Free Cash Forecaster Software Demonstration Free Cash Forecaster Software Demonstration where I wanted to demonstrate in this video how quick and easy it is to prepare professional looking cash flow and profit forecasts using our Cash Forecaster Software. In this short video of under 27 minutes we prepare a full set of cash flow reports. […]