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Monthly balance sheet with forecasts

By Russell Bowyer

Monthly balance sheet with forecasts seems to be as important as monthly cash flows reports and profit and loss reports. I hadn’t realised the importance for businesses of having a monthly balance sheet with forecasts until a recent wash of requests for this. Previously our cash flow software had a year end balance sheet only. […]

I Need To Sell My Business Fast

By Russell Bowyer

I need to sell my business fast… Already having a number of business guides and tools, I wanted to add more. So I sat down to think about how else I could add value to entrepreneurs and business owners. Since I’ve run a number of businesses from when I first set out as an entrepreneur […]

Russell Bowyer & Lets talk business Radio

By Russell Bowyer

Russell Bowyer talks business with Alan Coute on Lets Talk Business Radio. In the Lets Talk Business Radio podcast Russell talks about the effect that the economy and the media has on businesses. Russell and Alan discuss whether the media responsible for talking the economy down and making it more difficult for small businesses. Russell […]

31 Challenges starting a new business

By Russell Bowyer

What are the challenges starting a new business? There are many challenges starting a new business, but in the end there are many rewards to look forward to also. One thing is for sure is,the demands on your time are usually under estimated and many new entrepreneurs under-estimate the financial requirements of starting a new […]

Bowraven’s 25th anniversary

By Russell Bowyer

Bowraven has celebrated 25 years in business in 2015! We are pleased to post our 25th year of being in business and to celebrate our 25 years of business we are offering a 25% off voucher for our products. We are giving off 25% off our Cash Forecaster Software, which is our easy to use […]