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Understanding a balance sheet

By Russell Bowyer

If you are having trouble understanding a balance sheet, then this post is designed to help you understand this better. If you are in business or looking to set one up or perhaps even looking to buy a company, then if you are able to understand a balance sheet, this will certainly help you in […]

The power of delegation in business

By Russell Bowyer

The power of delegation in business and what this can mean to you. One of the biggest challenges for business owners is how and when to delegate. We all feel that we can do it better, faster or correctly, when in fact, if we just let go, you will be surprised, that in most instances, […]

Pension changes 2015 explained

By Russell Bowyer

Pension changes 2015 explained – As of 6th April the new rules apply. The biggest changes UK pension rules in 100 years, which the Conservative Chancellor announced in his budget last year, come into force at midnight on 5 April 2015, in what Chancellor George Osborne has called “a revolution”. People aged 55 will all […]