Arbitrage Betting Guide FAQs

We’ve prepared a series of FAQs on the Arbitrage Betting Guide and the Arbitrage Betting Calculator that’s include for Free.

FAQs on our Arbitrage Betting Guide and on our Free Betting Calculator

What is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage Betting, which is sometimes referred to as sports arbitrage betting, is where you bet on every outcome of an event, so that no matter what the result, you win.

The most important element to arbitrage betting to note is that ‘Arbitrage Betting is NOT gambling’. Gambling is about placing a bet on one of the outcomes of an event, and if the outcome you’ve placed a bet on does not happen, you lose your betting stake completely.

This is where arbitrage betting is different. You are effectively trading, and looking for an event whereby the odds from one bookie is different enough on one of the possible outcomes to the other bookies. If you find a situation like this, you have found what is know as an arbitrage.

By placing bets on each outcome of this event, your winnings on the ‘win’ outcome will exceed the total betting outlay on each of the possible outcomes.

What does the arbitrage betting guide contain

Bowraven’s Arbitrage Betting Guide is a complete guide to arbitrage trading. The guide includes the following subject headings:

  • An introduction to arbitrage betting.
  • Why Arbitrage Betting works
  • Rules you must follow when arbitrage trading
  • Is arbitrage betting legal?
  • What types of event work best?
  • How to search for arbitrage opportunities
  • How to increase your arbitrage profits
  • How to place a bet?
  • Adding risk to a surebet without gambling
  • Creating your own odds and getting better odds to create an arbitrage
  • Is it safe to open an account with an Internet-based bookmaker?
  • Using on-line odds comparison web sites
  • Using the Free Arbitrage Betting Calculator
  • What are the risks associated with arbitrage trading?
  • The risk of losing an arbitrage opportunity and how to minimise this risk
  • How to avoid making mistakes in placing your bets
  • Risk of bet cancellation risk by bookmakers and how to mitigate these risks
  • Limitations on betting stakes by bookmakers
  • Risks associated with the termination of Bookmaker accounts

Is arbitrage betting tax free?

In the UK Arbitrage Betting is tax free, but you will have to check if this is the case in your country.

Is Arbitrage trading difficult?

Like anything you are new to, there will be a learning curve, and learning a new trade will take time. So once you’ve learnt how to use bet arbitrage, and once you’ve work out how to find arbitrages, it gets easier to do.

However, it will involve a certain amount of time commitment to find the arbitrages. However, I guarantee that when you begin to find them, you will get hooked.

How is the Free Betting Calculator to use

The Free Arbitrage Betting Calculator that comes with the Arbitrage Betting Guide is designed using and Excel Spread sheet. however, even where your Excel skills are not so good, you will be able to use the calculator very easily.

The Arbitrage Betting Guide includes a complete section on how to use the betting calculator.

What does the Arbitrage Betting Calculator do?

The free Arbitrage Betting Calculator includes the following tools:

  • A betting sheet to work out your arbitrages; how much profit you want to make on an arbitrage trade; cells to enter bookmaker details etc.
  • An odds converter to convert the various methods of displaying odds into one uniform way, where you are using bookmaker websites in different countries, like the UK and America.
  • A betting percentage converter, which converts all the odds to a percentage, which helps with identifying an arbitrage.

Who is Arbitrage Betting for?

Arbitrage Betting is for people looking for another source of income. People looking to supplement their other income.

I’ve known college and university students to use arbitrage trading to pay their way through university. One student made over £100,000 during his university course.

If you get to this level, you could in fact have arbitrage betting as your only source of income.

Who is suited to Arbitrage Betting?

If you are not willing to work hard at the outset to learn arbitrage trading. If you are not willing to put in the hours to look for arbitrage opportunities. Then arbitrage betting is not for you.

However, if you are looking for another source of income or you’re looking to supplement your existing income, then arbitrage betting is for you.

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