Financial forecasting software FAQs

We’ve prepared a series of videos showing you how to use our financial forecasting software Cash Forecaster template, together with specific FAQs on the program.

Cash Forecaster Software Setup

In this short video you’ll learn how to setup the financial forecasting software. you’ll also see how easy it is to get started and enter your company information.

Below are more videos on our financial forecasting software, plus see below for FAQs on this Excel template program:

Cash Forecaster Opening Balances – Cash Forecaster video on entering your opening balances in the template software.

How to enter opening balances

In this short video you’ll see how to enter opening balances in to the cash flow software.

See how quick and easy it is to complete the data screens without any in-depth knowledge of Excel.

Cash Forecaster Data Entry – Cash Forecaster video on entering your company data.

Entering Business Data

In this short video you’ll learn how to enter your data for your business.

You’ll also see how quick and easy it is to complete the data screens and have reports showing your cash and profit forecasts in no time.

Cash Forecaster Loan Data – Cash Forecaster video on entering your company loan information.

Entering loans and loan data for your business

In this short video you’ll learn how to enter your loan data for your business.

Also see the many loan and hire purchase functions there are within Cash Forecaster.

To enter loans is both quick and easy to complete, to have reports showing your cash and profit forecasts incorporating loans in no time at all.

Cash Forecaster Fixed Assets – Cash Forecaster video on entering your company fixed asset information.

Entering Fixed Assets and Depreciation

In this short video you’ll learn how to enter your fixed assets for your business.

Also see easy it is to forecast future asset purchases, but not only that, the software will automatically calculate your depreciation for you using pre-set rates.

However, if the depreciation rates do not fit your business, then these too are easily adjusted.

To enter fixed assets is both quick and easy to complete, to have reports showing your cash and profit forecasts incorporating your assets and associated depreciation in no time at all.

More Cash Forecaster Features

What if my company uses Factoring or Invoice Discounting?

Not a problem, because Cash Forecaster includes Factoring or Invoice Discounting within the software.

This feature can be used if you already factor or invoice discount your debts.

Alternatively, use it as a financial planning tool to forecast what your cash flows will look like if your business started using debt financing.

Does it work with VAT?

Yes it does. Cash Forecaster is designed to work with either VAT (Sales Tax/GST) registered companies or unregistered companies too.

What if I take time to pay my suppliers or I allow credit to my customers?

Not a problem, as Cash Forecaster takes this in to account and makes setting up cash flows very easy.

Select between cash, 30-days, 60-days, 90-days or 120-day terms for both suppliers and customers separately.

FAQs on financial forecasting software

Q. What is Cash Forecaster?

A. Cash Forecaster is a powerful Excel Software Program to enable you to create cashflow forecasts and projections quickly and easily.

No need for complicated formulas and starting from scratch with blank spreadsheets.

The software comes with a simple format user guide you help you work your way through the program.

You’ll end up with a comprehensive set of financial reports that you can use for budgets and for managing the financial future of your business or for preparing business plans and forecasts for your bank manager or investors.

Q. Do you need specialist knowledge or skills?

A. No you don’t, because the software has been designed for ease of use.

The software has been based around Excel worksheet templates, but you don’t need any high level of Excel knowledge to use the program.

The comprehensive user manual will help you though the workings of Cash Forecaster and we also have a Support Forum, should you need additional help.

If you are comfortable working in a basic Windows environment, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all working with Cash Forecaster, and be producing professional looking reports within minutes of downloading it.

Q. What reports are produced?

A. Cash Forecaster provides you with all the reports you will need for any business budget or financial forecast.

the reports included are projected cash flows, profit & loss, revenue and cost of sales by product or service, overheads, balance sheets, break even analysis and many more.

Plus you’ll be able to pull out a report for any individual month with comparative numbers tooQ. Who is Cash Forecaster software for?

A. Cash Forecaster is perfect for small businesses through to larger businesses, from start-up companies and existing businesses alike. You don’t need to be an accountant to use it, as it has been built with ease of use for non-accountants in-mind.

However, professional accountants and consultants are also very happy users of Cash Forecaster, claiming that it is easy it is to use (please see  our testimonials). Accountants use this forecasting software for developing financial plans and projections for their clients.

All users will benefit from its ease of use and comprehensive reporting.

Q. What if I have multiple companies?

A. Not a problem, as you can use Cash Forecaster on as many companies as you like.

Along with its ease of use, this is one of the other reasons accountants love our software, as they only need to buy one licence and then they can use it for multiple clients to produce as many financial forecasts as they like.

Q. What can I use the software for?

A. Cash Forecaster comes into its own when it’s used for preparing financial forecasts for obtaining finance from a bank or investment from investors.

The carefully laid out reports show projected cash balances, to allow the user to work out what finance is required and how loan obligations will be met.

You can also use Cash forecaster for preparing your next 12-months budgets showing profit and loss reports, cash flow and working capital requirements.

Q. Do you offer training?

A. Training is unlikely to be required, as the software is very easy to use, however, should you need additional support, you will have full access to our free to use Support Forum.

Also, if you watch the videos above, you will see that these teach you how to get around the software, how to set it up, and more.

Q. How many versions are there?

A. We used to sell a number of separate versions, but in the end decided that this only confused our customers. Plus we felt that we wanted to offer one great product, which is full of features, at one price.

You will be able to forecast for up to 7 years with our financial forecasting software with the confidence that everything balances.

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