Increase Profit Software FAQs

We’ve prepared a series FAQs on our Increase Profit Software together with a short video how can a business increase profits by targeting their key profit drivers.

In this short video I discuss the benefits of using this easy to use Excel Template Software Program. Learn how can a business increase profit and how I used this software with one of my clients to help him add over £50,000 to his bottom-line.

This took just 3 hours of working with the Profit Increase Software. How can a business increase profits by targeting the 7-ways to grow a business.

This client implemented the changes we discovered within the next two weeks and he was over the moon with the increased profits he added over the following 12 months.

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Below are FAQs on this Excel template program and what it is used for:

FAQs on financial forecasting software

Q. What is Increase Profit Software?

A. Increase Profit software is a powerful tool which is designed to focus in on your business key profit drivers.

A tool that focuses in on how a business can increase profit in the best way, by taking away the guess-work.

The program is designed to help you work through the 7-Ways to Grow a Business.

You’ll have your main profit drivers worked out within minutes, to allow you to focus in on the ways to make this happen.

This easy to use software comes with a simple format user guide you help you work your way through the program.

Q. What reports are produced?

A. Increase Profit Software provides you with reports which summarise your key profit drivers, and it allows you to run a number of scenarios.

There are also profit and loss and balance sheet reports, together with ratio reports for you to review how your business is doing from one year to the next.

Q. Who is the program for?

A. Increase Profit Software is the perfect solution for small businesses looking to grow their sales and profits.

But equally larger businesses have used the software too where their turnover is in the millions. The software is for on-going businesses, which already have data from at least the previous 12 months to work with, rather than start-ups.

Professional accountants and consultants are also very happy users of the program too, working with their clients in a business development capacity.

Please take a look at our client testimonials too.

Q. What if I have multiple companies?

A. Not a problem, as you can use the program for as many companies as you like.

Along with its ease of use, this is one of the other reasons accountants love our software, as they only need to buy one licence and then they can use it for multiple clients.

Q. What can I use the software for?

A. Increase Profit Software comes into its own when it is used for profit improvement, but it can also be used to focus in on important financial ratios, from gross and net profit margins through to balance sheet ratios like debtor days, current ratio, quick ratio and many more.[/toggle]

Q. Do you offer training?

A. Training is unlikely to be required, as the software is very easy to use, however, should you need additional support, you will have full access to our free to use Support Forum. Also, if you watch the videos above, you will see that these teach you how to get around the software, how to set it up, and more.

Q. How many versions are there?

A. We used to sell a number of separate versions, but in the end decided that this only confused our customers. Plus we felt that we wanted to offer one great product, which is full of features, at one price.

You will be able to forecast for up to 7 years with our financial forecasting software with the confidence that everything balances.

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