Cash is King to Business

Free Cash Forecaster software demonstration

By Russell Bowyer

Free Cash Forecaster Software Demonstration

Free Cash Forecaster Software Demonstration
Free Cash Forecaster Software Demonstration

Free Cash Forecaster Software Demonstration where I wanted to demonstrate in this video how quick and easy it is to prepare professional looking cash flow and profit forecasts using our Cash Forecaster Software.

In this short video of under 27 minutes we prepare a full set of cash flow reports.

These reports  including the Cash Flow Report, the Profit and Loss Report and the Balance Sheet Reports.

Each of the reports are split out monthly and there are the supporting reports prepared automatically.

These reports are professional looking and could be used for supporting a bank loan or bank overdraft application.

They can also be used for shareholder or director’s and management meetings too.

All the difficult formulas and double entry is done for you.

All the VAT or sales tax entries are taken care of together with PAYE or payroll taxes too. There are separate reports for each of the taxes to track the numbers and to back up your numbers.

Using cash flow forecasts to obtain bank finance…

In this demonstration the cash flow forecasts are for the purpose of obtaining a bank loan to fund capital purchases. Which in this case is a freehold property and factory equipment.

The business involved has fixed assets and the complicated depreciation calculations and entries are all done for you.

In addition to these reports you will also need to put together a business plan. But at least this element of the project is taken care of quickly and easily.

The video is 26.46 minutes long and in this time the data is entered together with setting up the basics. The basics includes the company name, period end, VAT set up details and company tax set up.

For the purpose of the demonstration though we have only forecast for 12 months. If the forecast period had been longer this would take a bit more time of course, but this is not necessary for showing you the speed at which you can get professional cash flow forecasts out.