How did you get started in business

By Russell Bowyer

How did you get started….

How did you get started in business

How did you get started in business

I am interested in hearing how you got started in business, as I’ve written an article for people starting out on their journey in to entrepreneurship, and I thought this would add some interest to the article, which can be found here.

I myself have run many different types of business, some of which I started from scratch, whereas others I have invested in an already trading company.

My first couple of ventures were started before the invention of the Internet, so it wasn’t as easy to find information, as it is today.

However now you can find loads of information on what to do; how to do it; where to start; etc. So I feel that adding a poll like this will really help my blog readers.

I’d appreciate your feedback and after you’ve completed it yourself, please share the poll to your fellow business owners on either Facebook, Twitter etc., thank you.

So only if you already own a business please vote in this poll…

Please elect all those that apply to you…

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Thank you for your participation in my first poll.

How did you get started in business poll thank you

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In addition to voting, please share your story with me, as I’d love to hear from you. About your journey to success (or your failures), as I love to read about people and what they did to achieve their goals…thank you.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog and if you like what you’ve read, please share it with others.