I need to sell my business fast

I Need To Sell My Business Fast



I need to sell my business fast…

Already having a number of business guides and tools, I wanted to add more. So I sat down to think about how else I could add value to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Since I’ve run a number of businesses from when I first set out as an entrepreneur back in 1990, I feel well placed to do so.

In that time-frame, up to today I have started new businesses from scratch, and bought businesses too. I have also invested in businesses and then subsequently sold businesses.

The need to sell your business fast…

So I thought about how a business owner would feel if they were to say…”I need to sell my business fast.

I know that I’m alone in having the feeling that once the decision has been made, I want to get it done. Once you’ve begun the process you’ll want the sale to happen quickly.

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What are the drivers for a quick sale?

There are some business owners that are more driven for a quick business sale than others. These are examples:

Moving abroad to another country…

Many people emigrate to another country. When you are employed this is a simple matter of handing in your notice. But if you own a business, this makes the process a little more challenging.

Business buyers are not usually lined up around the corner, So it’s not like you can call them in and do the transaction there and then. It doesn’t work like that unfortunately.

It is more likely to take at least six months, if not 12-18 months to sell your business, unless you strike lucky.

So you are going to have to be patient.

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Relocating within the same country…

It may be that you are simply relocating within the same country. Perhaps you are following that dream or you’ve fallen in love with a woman or a man. It happens, I know about that one…I moved from Cambridge to Dorset for my wife. At the time I had a business in the Cambridge area and sold that when I moved.

In that case I was fortunate, as the two remaining owners wanted to buy the shares from me. This came down to negotiation for the same in the end.

However, whether you are moving 100 miles or 1,000 miles, the principle is the same. You may find yourself tied to the business and not able to move, until such time as you find a buyer.

Illness is another top reason for wanting to sell fast…

Having gone through cancer whilst still owning a large multi-million pound business, I know the feeling on this score.

Putting someone in trust of your business and them making a complete hash of things. This coupled with staff stealing from the company and then setting up in competition made it a challenging time for me.

So having felt all those emotions, I fully understand what its like to have a business and wanting to move it on whilst you are ill. My motivation was after having a show stopping moment with my life, I realised that running this business was not what I wanted to do. Lief has a habit of doing that.

So if you are in this unfortunate position of looking to sell your business quickly due to ill health, this book I wrote may come in handy. Of course, it will depend on the state of the business and how it is running with your absence, if you are that ill.

Other interests taking a priority in your life…

You might have other things going on in your life, which take you away from your business. It may get to the point where you no longer have the time or inclination to run the the company. You may reach the point where you simply have to sell it, and sell it fast.

Your reason for wanting to sell quickly may be one of the above, or it may be you simply want out now. So whatever the reason you are forced to sell or needing to sell quickly, this business guide will help you.

So then I sat down and brainstormed for a while. After that I compiled my brainstorming notes which all stemmed from “How to sell my business fast.

The underlying principle behind this is making it easy for your buyers to buy. Sounds simple really, but believe me when I spent over 12 months looking to buy a business, you’ll be surprised. The number of business owners selling their business that were making it difficult astounded me.

Business selling agents make it difficult for buyers to buy a business

Also, the number of business brokers that make it difficult for me too surprised me. This was until I learnt from colleague that there are many business agents that are more interested in the company remaining on their books. Some are charging a monthly fee, so have no interest in selling. As an aside,make sure you read the small print on the business agents agreement.

In the end I’ve put together my latest guide, which I have named Sell My Business Fast and is available for download for a small fee.

This guide will give you some great tips for selling your business quickly, whether you use a business sales agent or not.

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If you have an increased audience then as a result the demand should increase too. Where you get higher demand usually the price goes up.

So if you apply the rules I’ve put in this guide you should achieve a higher price and in a faster time!

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