Arbitrage Betting Guide


Arbitrage Betting Guide includes the following:

  1. An explanation of Arbitrage betting. Learn all about arbitrage trading and how to find arbitrage opportunities in sports or other events.
  2. Free Arbitrage Betting Calculator. When you download this arbitrage betting guide, you’ll also receive our easy to use Arbitrage Betting Calculator, which has been designed using Excel Spreadsheet Software.
  3. Arbitrage betting tips and rules. Our guide will lead you through the key rules to follow with arbitrage betting. It’s also full of priceless betting tips and advice you’ll need to begin arbitrage trading to make extra money.
  4. How to maximise your profits. Our guide also provides tips on how to maximise your arbitrage gains with the help of our betting calculator tool.
  5. How to avoid the risks associated with arbitrage betting. We also explain the risks you might encounter with this system and how to mitigate them.
  6. The best events to bet on. We explain the best events that are suited to arbitrage betting, which is not just sporting events.
  7. An opportunity to make extra income.  Gains or profits made on arbitrage betting are tax-free in the UK. You can work from home with this system to supplement your other income.


Our Arbitrage Betting Guide, together with our Free Arbitrage Betting Calculator, means you no longer have to gamble when you place a bet

So What is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting or what is sometimes referred to as sports arbitrage betting, is a way to make extra money online. Our Arbitrage Betting Guide will explain to you how to make tax-free income, without taking a risk.

This is a guide that bookmakers don’t want you to have. This is a system that will make profits every time you trade, and what’s more in the UK arbitrage betting profits are tax free.

There are many arbitrage betting systems, and a number of versions of arbitrage betting software being sold on the web. However, before you jump in and invest, we recommend that you read our top selling guide to arbitrage betting.

The definition of an arbitrage is:

An arbitrage is a financial transaction that makes an immediate profit without involving any risk’ 

Which in short means that you are able to place bets and be guaranteed of a surewin.

So What’s Included in This Arbitrage Betting Guide?

Our step by step arbitrage betting guide will explain how you can successfully start arbitrage betting (Also known as arbitrage trading). The contents of our guide are as follows:

  • A complete understanding of arbitrage trading and why arbitrage betting works.
  • Rules you must follow when trading arbs*. (* ‘arbs’ is a known abbreviation for an arbitrage).
  • Is arbitrage betting legal?
  • What types of sporting or other event work best with arbitrage trading?
  • How to search for arbitrage opportunities.
  • How to increase your arbitrage profits.
  • How to place a bet.
  • Adding risk to a surebet without gambling.
  • Creating your own odds and getting better odds to create an arbitrage.
  • How to open accounts with Internet-based bookmakers.
  • Using on-line odds comparison websites.
  • What are the risks associated with arbitrage trading?
  • The risk of losing an arbitrage opportunity and how to minimise this risk.
  • How to avoid making mistakes in placing your bets.
  • Risks of bet cancellation by the bookmaker and how to mitigate these risks.
  • Limitations on betting stakes by bookmakers.
  • Risks associated with the termination of Bookmaker Accounts.
  • How to use the Arbitrage Betting Calculator (Which comes free with this guide).

What’s great about arbitrage betting, is that you don’t part with any stake money, until you’ve assessed the outcome. A betting outcome that is a guaranteed surewin.

This system is made easy with our free Arbitrage Betting Calculator, which includes an arbitrage betting system that works every time. Simply follow the rules laid our clearly in our guide, and you can’t go wrong.

How does the Arbitrage Betting Calculator work?

Our easy to use free Arbitrage Betting Calculator (Designed using Excel Spreadsheet Software) includes fast and simple tools to work out arbitrage profits.

The free arbitrage betting calculator includes the following tools:

i. A Betting Sheet. A list of bookmakers and links to their websites where you enter your ‘arb’ trades. The betting sheet indicates whether an arbitrage opportunity exists. This sheet allows you to choose your profit, and calculates your bets to place on each outcome, in order to make your chosen profit; Has a “No Arbitrage” warning; Plus an ‘outcome bias’, use this tool to bias the betting odds to favour the more likely outcome, without risking your cash.

ii. A Betting ‘Odds’ Converter. Arbitrage betting might involve using bookmakers from different countries. The way in which the ‘Odd’s are displayed in the UK differs from how it is shown in Europe and in America or the USA. The ‘Odds’ converter will easily convert these differing ‘Odds’ from one method to another.

iii. Arbitrage Percentage Converter. With arbitrage betting, an arbitrage only exists when the total percentage of all the outcomes of a sporting or other type of event, is less than 100%. However, the ‘Odds’ displayed on bookmaker sites, be it in the UK, Europe or the USA, are not shown in a way that is conducive for working out whether an arbitrage opportunity exists or not. The Arbitrage Percentage Converter turns ‘Odds’ into a percentage, so that it’s easy to calculate arbitrages. The converter will also identify the best ‘Odds’ to use to maximise your arbitrage profits.

iv. Odds Comparison Sites. When you begin to trade arbitrages, ‘Odds’ comparison sites are useful. A list of the Odds comparison sites is included with the free Arbitrage Betting Calculator.

You receive our Arbitrage Betting Guide together with our free calculator for a small $17 fee.


Our 30-Day Promise To You: If for whatever reason you buy our Arbitrage Betting Guide and don’t find it of any use, we will refund all your money; No questions asked.

Requirements for the calculator tool:

The software is Excel Template based. So you need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to use the spreadsheet. However, you don’t need to have expert knowledge of Excel in order to use it, as it is very easy to use and fully explained in the guide.

If you have any questions on our Arbitrage Betting Guide please see our FAQs here.


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