How to increase revenue from existing customers

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How to increase revenue from existing customers and the power of the average transaction value


how to increase revenue from existing customersHow to increase revenue from existing customers and the power of the average transaction value

1. How to increase revenue from existing customers

Are you keen to look at ways of how to increase revenue from existing customers?

Are you interested in working with just 8 numbers from your business and turning them into the most powerful set of numbers ever?

These eight numbers are already right there in your business. Some of which may take a big of digging to uncover. But this depends upon your present record keeping.

If you have relatively good record keeping already, these eight numbers should probably be relatively easy to access.

One client was able to use our Increase Profit Software to achieve over £50,000 of additional profits from their business. This was from using these eight numbers. They even had to estimate one of them, but they still achieved a massive return on investment.

You might think to purchase this software would be extremely expensive, bearing in mind what you might be able to achieve with your business. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

For you to discover how to increase revenue from existing customers in your small business, the software has just a £197 £147 investment.

2. Target your key profit drivers and increase your bottom line

Expand your small business using the 7-ways to grow a business.

Quickly identify your key profit drivers (or key performance indicators) for your company. This might be your average transaction value. It could be your customer defection rate. It might be the number of times customers return. Or it is likely to be a combination of these…all of which will increase your bottom line.

There’s a clue in that last paragraph of a few of the eight numbers required to increase your revenues.

But the key is to focus on increasing your revenues from existing customers.

3. No more guesswork of what to focus on in your small business

Instead of working in the dark and taking a stab at what will increase your revenues from existing customers, our software helps you to directly targeting your most responsive areas of your business.

With your latest set of accounts in-hand, together with a bit of number crunching, you’ll have your new targets identified.

This can be done quickly and easily. You don’t need to be an accountant to work with this template software.

Having a target is like having a magnet to draw you to your goal

For example, when I used this software one of my own businesses, I targeted the average transaction value. I managed to increase my sales by over £900,000 within 4 years of implementing the changes; and of course my bottom line too.

I managed to grow a business that had a turnover of £1.6 million to one that had sales of over £2.5 million. The software helped me to discover and set my new targets. However, when I implemented the changes, my initial target got smashed.

4. You don’t need to be an accountant or an expert to use the software

As with all of our software, Increase Profit Software is very easy to use. In addition, we always believe in supporting and helping our clients too. We are keen that our clients get the most out of any product they buy from us.

Although there is a bit of number crunching involved with this program, it is clearly explained. Most business owners should be able to work with it very easily. But just in case, we are on-hand to help.

This is how a client explained it: “you are a star…Its a pity there isn’t more around like you – it’s so refreshing to actually get proper support for a product and your wish list answered too!!” Angela of A G Bookkeeping

The whole process is explained in the user guide you receive with the download. We also have a support forum for any further help you might need to get started. Or for help to get the most from this program; our goal is for you to succeed.

5. The “how to increase revenue from existing customers?” question turns into…

“How do I achieved my newly identified profit target?” Within the guide that comes with the program, we run through how you tackle this new question, which is a very powerful question, and one that is best answered in a brain storming session. This whole process becomes fun and exciting. I guarantee that you will also get excited when you see what can be achieve when you invest in Increase Profit Software.

6. Learn how sensitive your small business is to price increases

Most business owners cringe at the thought of increasing their prices. But now you’ll be able to discover how sensitive your business is to price increases.

How many clients could you afford to lose and be no worse off, after a set price increase? A neat tool that comes free with Increase Profit Software, will answer this question for you, and do all of the calculations.

Quite simply, all you need to enter are your company turnover (or sales) and your gross profit margin; then choose your potential price increase and you’ll see how many customers you could lose and be no worse off.

Our Price Increase Calculator Tool can be downloaded for free here, or you get a free copy with our Increase Profit Software.

7. Understand the financial trends within your business

An additional benefit of entering your data in this software, is that you will also have a report on how your company is doing. You will know your gross profit margins, your net profit margins and how much your sales are increasing each year. Plus more, together with a number of asset ratios and trends.

A business colleague told me that I should be charging at least £1,000 for this software. However, I have decided it’s more important for me to offer it at a more reasonable price. This will allow as many entrepreneurs and their businesses around the world to benefit from this powerful resource.

In order for you to better understand Increase Profit Software, we’ve included a video. This video demonstrates a case study of how the software was used with a fitted furniture business to mainly target the average transaction value of this business.

Received this fantastic software to increase sales and profits in your business for a small £197 £147 investment.


Our 30-Day Promise To You: If for whatever reason you buy our Increase Profit Software and don’t like it, we will refund all your money; No questions asked.


i. This software is Excel Template based. So in order to use it you will need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. However, you don’t need to have expert knowledge of Excel. This profit focused software is easy to use and fully explained in the user manual that accompanies the software.

ii. To really benefit from this software, your business needs to have been trading for at least 12 months. You will also need to have your first set of accounts to work from.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Increase Profit Software here – FAQs

How to increase revenue from existing customers and the power of the average transaction value

To discover how to increase revenue from existing customers please add Increase Profit Software to your cart.

The eight numbers you need to find out how to increase revenue from existing customers are as follows:

  1. Total sales or revenues over a given period – preferably over the last 12 months.
  2. Cost of sales over the same period.
  3. Total business overheads over the same period.
  4. Average number of customers you had over that period – a reasonable estimate will work.
  5. The average transaction value of this same period – an reasonable estimate would also work.
  6. Number of times on average your customers return to buy from you over the same period – an estimate is okay, but the software will work this out based on the first two numbers in any case.
  7. Your current customer defection rate.
  8. Your current customer acquisition rate.

That’s it – these are you eight numbers. I would imagine that you’ll have most of these accessible relatively easily.

Once you have them, you’ll be in a position to unleash the power of Increase Profit Software for your business. Discover hidden profits and discover how to increase revenue from existing customers.

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How your product is delivered

Once you’ve completed your purchase after you’ve checked out, you’ll be redirected to a download page. There will be a download link on that page where you can download Increase Profit Software straight to your computer.

You’ll also receive an order confirmation email, which will contain a link to the software download too.

So if you’re not at your computer when you buy Increase Profit Software and you’re not ready to download the cash flow forecasting software right away, you’ll have an email to link to your download afterwards.

The link to your download will remain active for 30 days after your purchase. This gives you plenty of time to download your product.

What you receive when you order your copy of Increase Profit Software

When you purchase Increase Profit Software, you’ll receive two files, as follows:

  • Increase Profit Software Excel template software.
  • Increase Profit Software user guide.
  • Price Increase Calculator Excel template.
  • Price Increase Calculator user guide.

Finally if you want to discover how to increase revenue from existing customers and to discover the 7 ways to grow your business, click the add to button below:

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