Startup cash flow forecast template


Startup cash flow projection template

Simple cash flow template for easily preparing 12 month cash flow forecasts, or longer, for your new startup business. When you’re setting up a business, the last thing you want to get bogged down with is in preparing lengthy and complicated Excel spreadsheets.


Startup cash flow forecast templateStartup cash flow forecast template

1. Startup cash flow forecasts in no time with our easy to use cash flow forecast template.

Startup business forecasts with startup cash flow forecast template. Designed with the user in mind. Easy to use and quick to get started.

How a client explained it: ” It has saved me hours on a recent clients projections.Phil Taylor;

and another client said:

The template is excellent – very easy to use. You can produce a professional set of forecasts very quickly.” Tim Moorhouse.

Speedy professional reports from our startup cash flow forecast template.

Within no time, you’ll have professional reports for your startup business. Reports that are ideal for banks to get bank funding; for investors to get angel investment; for your management meetings or to support your startup small business plans. Save time, save money…all for a small $147 investment.

2. Double entry done for you and a startup business balance sheet produced automatically

Cash Forecaster Software V 5.1.7 300 x 300 - Cash Flow Forecasting Software - Double entry done and automatically balance sheet

Double entry done and automatically balance sheet

Preparing Excel spreadsheets from scratch is time-consuming. Also there’s no guarantee your figures will balance. Getting the numbers in the right place is also a challenge. There’s also the horrible Excel formulas to get through.

With Bowraven’s business startup cash flow forecast template; you simply enter the data, and the template does the rest. Save time, look professional and get the job done fast.

How a client explained it: “You can spend your time producing accurate figures rather than trying to work out how to make the balance sheet balance with the cash flow forecast!” Tim Moorhouse.

3. Sales Tax (VAT/GST) entries calculated automatically

Making the correct VAT-inclusive* or VAT-exclusive* entries are complicated. Getting them on the right reports can be tricky too…and is time consuming. Also, for a startup business that registers part way through the startup process makes this more complicated. However, this is taken care of with our startup cash flow projection template for you.

Cash Forecaster Software makes this quick and easy. VAT* entries are done for you. You just need to know which products, expenses or services are Vatable*…simple.

 * Also set up to account for sales tax and/or GST.

12 month cash flow forecast template - Cash Forecaster Software V 5.1.7 300 x 300 - Cash Flow Forecasting Template - VAT - Sales Tax - Loan and Hire Purchase all made easy

VAT – Sales Tax – Loan and Hire Purchase all made easy

4. Startup capital expenditure entries made easy. Asset depreciation calculated automatically

Most small businesses have capital expenditure in their financial forecasts, which is especially true for startup businesses. This could include buildings, motor vehicles, plant, equipment, computers, furniture and other assets.

Using our startup cash flow forecast template enter your opening assets. Then add any new planned-for capital expenditure. It’s easy to enter the asset type; its cost; purchase date and VAT rate. The software does the rest, including automatic depreciation calculations.

All the numbers are put in the right places on right reports, including the balance sheet, it couldn’t be any easier.

5. Startup business loans, hire purchase or angel finance made easy

If your new business requires loans or hire purchase to fund any asset purchases, or you have plans to raise angel finance during the forecast period, these entries are taken care of too.

Your startup financial projections can also be used to calculate any bank overdraft requirements for your small startup business.

Simple cash flow template - Cash Forecaster Software V 5.1.7 300 x 300 - Cash Flow Forecasting Software - Sensitivity Analysis Option Will Save You Time to have cash flow projections for small business

Sensitivity Analysis Option Will Save You Time to have cash flow projections for small business

This easy to use loan function includes many different loans types available to small businesses.

6. Sensitivity analysis will save you time

Another time-saving feature is the sensitivity analysis tool. It’s important to stress test your projections. With Cash Forecaster, this is made really easy whereby you can quickly increase or decrease your sales and/or cost of sales with just a few key strokes. This feature saves you time by not having to enter your data over and again.

Banks and investors often want to know your best case or worst case scenarios. Our simple cash flow template makes this task quick and easy.

7. Prepare ‘monthly cash flows’ for between 12 months and 7-years

Most business startup cash flow forecasts are prepared for between 12 months and 3 years. However there are times when 5 year or even a 7-year cash flow forecast is needed. This all depends on the investors who are getting involved with the business.

It’s simple and quick to choose the length of the forecast period you require. Enter your data for your required period. Go to the reports and have professional reports in no time. These reports are suitable for banks and angel and venture capital investors.

8. Feature you require not listed in our cash flow forecast template…

Everyone benefits by our upgrading Cash Forecaster software with features that other customers have requested. Recently a client was recommended to use our software by Lloyds Bank Plc. This customer asked for a specific report, so we upgraded Cash Forecaster free of charge, as it would benefit future customers too.

This is a key commitments to our customers. So if you’d like us to add a new feature that will help you prepare cash flow forecasts for your small business, we will include it free of charge. The only caveats are: the feature required is possible to do; and we feel that it will benefit other clients too.

And remember, this unique service is provided completely free of charge. Also, if your initial purchase was dependent on this new feature being included, and we are not able to deliver on this promise, we will extend the 30 day money back guarantee to the point at which we are not able to deliver on your request. In which case you’ll get 100% of your money back…not questions asked

However, so far we’ve managed to cater for all requests, some take longer than others to incorporate, but it does mean that this version of a Cash Forecaster software is full of extra ‘customer-requested-features.’

This offer is a win-win scenario for you and for us. You receive a free upgrade, whilst we can offer the new feature to future customers.

For this feature rich cash flow forecasting software, all you pay is a small $147 investment.

Here’s a list of features included in our best selling startup cash flow forecast template:

Startup profit and loss projection…

The profit and loss forecast statement includes the following features:

  • Month by month forecast reports for 12 months; 24 months; 3 years; 5 years; 6 years and 7 years.
  • 20 product/sales lines with associated cost of sales lines.
  • Detailed overhead expenses.
  • Accruals and prepayment feature to easily adjust your startup forecasts to tie in with payment timings and what’s charged to the profit and loss.

Startup balance sheets reports at each month and at each year end…

The projected balance sheet for your new business includes the following features:

  • Ten loan or hire purchase accounts. These include many great functions and features; including: Interest rate; Loan term; Final lump payment; Set your own payment amount; Loan repayment holidays; Interest charged to the loan or to the bank; plus more.
  • Capital expenditure and fixed assets.
  • Asset depreciation rates including automatic calculations.
  • Stock and work in progress feature.
  • Factoring or Invoice discounting feature. If your company factors/invoice discounts its invoices or is looking to see how this affects business cash flows, this feature is included.
  • Other debtors and other creditor facility.
  • Opening balances facility – easily enter your opening trial balance or closing balance sheet.

All your startup cash flow forecast template includes these additional functions and features…

  • International currency symbol on all reports – £, $ and € (or any other currency).
  • VAT, Sales Tax and GST terms – Cash Forecaster software does all the necessary calculations for you.
  • Automatic overdraft interest or deposit interest calculations.
  • Flexible customer payment terms – With up to 12 months credit terms.
  • Prepaid income with up to 24 months advance payments.
  • Flexible supplier payment terms – Payment terms include cash through to 12 month payment terms.
  • Credit card charge calculations.
  • Payroll taxes and wages deductions.
  • Company/Corporation tax calculator with great features, including adjusting the profit for tax purposes.
  • Sensitivity analysis tool to speedily trial various scenarios.
  • Owner dividends or drawings/capital introduced or director/partner loans.
  • Flexible headings that can be changed to suit your business.

Our startup cash flow forecast template reports include:

  • Assumptions report;
  • Summary forecasts with break-even analysis report;
  • Cash flow forecast report;
  • Profit forecast report;
  • Cash flow statement.
  • Trading summary report;
  • Overhead report;
  • Balance sheet report, in summary at the end of each year and by month;
  • Fixed asset report;
  • Loan report;
  • VAT/Sales Tax/GST report;
  • Payroll taxes report.
  • Factoring or invoice discounting report.
  • Backup report which provides a detailed breakdown to support the forecast profit and loss and balance sheets.
  • Monthly reports for profit and loss and balance sheet. Choose whatever period you like with comparatives of your choice too.

Here are a sample of the reports generated from our cash flow forecasting software – Cash Flow Forecasting Reports


Our 30-Day Promise To You: If for whatever reason you buy our cash flow forecasting software and don’t like it, we will refund all your money; no questions asked.

Also, please notify us immediately of a feature you’d like included when you purchase Cash Forecaster software, and we’ll extend this guarantee to the point we deliver on including your requested feature. If we are not able to add the feature you require, for whatever reason, you will receive your money back.

And remember, adding a feature in this way, is completely free of charge too.

What our customers are saying about our products:

“We can recommend the cash flow forecaster as being a very simple programme to use, producing professional-looking reports, very reasonably priced and saved us many hours of work compiling our own initial spreadsheet. The after-sales service was also extremely efficient.”Jane Heard Associates.

“Works a treat, a friend entered my data into the Sage Forecasting program to see if there would be any differences in outcome. Of course it did not!” Matt, ERAMA Ltd.

Software requirements:

The startup cash flow forecast template is Excel-based software. You will need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, in order run the software. But, you don’t need to have expert knowledge of Excel or Spreadsheets in order to use the program, as it is easy to use and fully explained in the user manual that accompanies the software.

Frequently asked questions about this startup cash flow forecast template can be found here: FAQs


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