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    Steve Richardson


    When we try to alter cell B126 on the “Info” sheet, it causes errors in the “BalanceSh” and “BalanceSh (Mths)” sheets.

    We’re using version 5.1.7




    Hello Steve, thank you for your support question.

    I have changed the text on my version and I get an error on the Loans and hire purchase line on the balance sheet, is that the same as you get?

    Please leave this with me and whilst I look into why this error is happening, please revert the text back to “Freehold Property” in B126.

    Thank you, Russell


    Hello Steve,

    I can now see what has happened. If you go to the “Data” tab and scroll to B547, which is the fixed asset additions section. This is defaulted to Freehold Property.

    Please will you change all of the entries under heading “Choose Fixed assets type” (i.e. from B547 to B586) to either your new Freehold Property heading, or to one of the other fixed asset types where there are no entries for additions.

    Of course where there is a fixed asset addition for the asset type, the heading under “Choose Fixed assets type” should be the asset type for the fixed asset addition you’ve already entered.

    I hope that makes sense.

    I will have to get my thinking hat on to see how I change how this works if one of the headings is changed, but for now this is the easiest and quickest work arounds.

    Thank you, Russell

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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