Tips for Increasing Your Average Sale

By Russell Bowyer

Tips for Increasing Your Average Sale.

I have listed here 5 Tips For Increasing Your Average Sale, but instead of reading this blog post, you can watch the video instead, thank you.

Walk in to any McDonalds…

  • If you order a meal at McDonalds you are normally asked ‘do you want to go large with that?’
  • If a even a small percentage of their 68 million customers said yes, this would add millions to their bottom line
  • Boost your average sale value and you boost your cash flow and you increase your profits, by increasing your average sale value.

Here are my 5 tips for increasing your average sale…

Tip Number 1…

  • Begin by working out your average sale value, or as I call it your average transaction value.
  • If 30 customers spent a total of £1,200 with you, then your average sale would be £40 – i.e. divide £1,200 by 30 = £40.
  • Once you have this number you can set a new target and then begin to work out a strategy to hit it.
5 tips for increasing your average sale value

Grow your business

Tip Number 2…

  • Bundle up your products.
  • Using the McDonalds example again, they have extra value meals to include fries and a drink with your meal – by doing this they automatically increase their average sale value. Plus the customer gets a discount for the meal they buy.
  • If you charge by the hour, think about ‘Productizing’ your service – this takes away the problem of your customers worrying about any inefficiencies within your business.
  • A motor repair shop could offer a free clean with every service.
  • I’m sure you should be able to think of ideas for your business – so get creative.

Tip Number 3…

  • Go for the add on sale.
  • In McDonalds they will ask ‘Do you want fries with that?’ For all those customers that say yes, their average transaction value is increased and their bottom line is improved.
  • If you have a website – list related products.
  • Amazon list books also read – those that a interested in these recommended books will likely buy at the point of sale and thereby increase the average transaction value for Amazon.
  • If you have a restaurant ask if your customer wants a salad or garlic bread.

Tip Number 4…

  • Introduce higher value products.
  • If you are a bakery and sell mainly bread and sandwiches, consider selling wedding cakes or Christmas cakes.
  • Get your sales team to push your higher value items.
  • Toyota introduced the Lexus – this increased their sales value.

Tip Number 5…

  • Raise your prices.
  • Just because you are more expensive does not mean you will not get the business – people buy BMWs and Mercedes.
  • An example if you Gross Profit Margin is 50% and you increased your prices by 10% you could lose 16.7% of you customers and be no worse off!

What to do next…

  • Work out what your average sale is.
  • Go and get creative with how to increase your average sale.
  • Implement your ideas
  • Grow your profits
  • Let me know how you get on…

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