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1. Are you stuck working out how to increase your business profits? Do you doubt whether it’s possible to increase your profits in the first place? With Increase Profit Software you can identify ways to increase your sales and profits within hours of download.
2. Are you worried about borrowing from a bank? Are you struggling to raise finance to grow your business? Invest in Increase Profit Software and you may not need to borrow money from a bank.
3. Do you know your key profit drivers? Within no time from downloading Profit Increase Software you could be targeting your key profit drivers to increase your bottom line profits (plus increase your business value).
4. Are you fumbling around in the dark trying to work out how to increase your profits? With Increase Profit Software you cut out the guesswork, by having the numbers you need to focus on within hours from entering your data.
5. Do you worry about what it will cost to increase profits? Do you lack the funds to hire an expensive business coach? Invest in Increase Profit Software today to have the right tool to do the job yourself. No need for a business coach, nor an expensive accountant, as the software is easy to use.
6. The “how do I increase my profits?” question turns into…“How do I achieved my newly identified profit targets?”
7. Like most business owners do you worry about increasing your prices? Use the Price Sensitivity Tool alongside Increase Profit Software to discover how sensitive your business might be to customer price increases. Download this tool here.
8. Do you want to discover financial trends within your business? As well as increasing your profits get a better understanding of the financial trends within your business.

Before you go any further, please scroll to the case studies used to demonstrate this powerful increase profit software tool.


Increase Sales and Profits By Targeting Your Business’s Key Performance Indicators With Increase Profit Software:

Increase Profit Software1. Identify ways to increase sales and profits, download immediately

One example client who worked with me using Increase Profit Software identified and achieved over £50,000 of additional profits.

For this client, the process of identifying the additional £50k, which took around three hours to achieve. As a result from just three hours spent focusing on key profit drivers, within just a few weeks after applying the changes identified to achieve the increased sales and profits, the client had increased their bottom line by this amount.

Moreover, the benefit to the business after the change had been identified is that this equated to an additional £50,000 profit each year and every year.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised, to increase the sales and profits in your business using Profit Increase Software your investment is just £197 £147.

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2. Target your key profit drivers and increase your bottom line

Increase Profit Software is a template that uses the 7-ways to grow a business. The software empowers you to identify key business profit drivers (or key performance indicators) for your company. These could be: Average transaction value, customer defection rate, or any one of the 7-ways to grow a business, all of which will increase your bottom line and increase business value.

You can use any combination of the 7-ways to grow a business by choosing the best ones that have the biggest impact on your business. You get to choose the combination that provide the most significant profit increases, in the shortest timeframe

Large profit increases can often be achieved by just minor tweaks to your underlying numbers. Customers who use the software are often surprised by the hidden profits they find with just a few small changes. They discover their key profit drivers and the potential to grow their business.

3. No more guesswork of what to focus on

Firstly, there will be no more working in the dark and taking a stab at what will increase sales and profits. Secondly, the Increase Profit Software helps you directly target your most responsive business profit drivers.

All you need is your latest set of accounts, plus a few key numbers from your business and you’ll have your new targets identified, quickly and easily.

Having a target is like having a magnet to draw you to your goal.

For example, I used this software on my own business to target the average transaction value. As a result, I achieved increased sales by over £900,000 (or a 56% increase) within 4 years from implementing the changes identified. The biggest benefit to my business from the 56% increase sales, was that it equated to more than a doubling business profits.

I managed to grow a business from a turnover of £1.6 million, to a business that had sales of over £2.5 million. The software helped me to work out and set my targets, but when I implemented the identified changes, my initial targets got smashed.

4. You don’t need to be an accountant or an expert to use the software

As with all of Bowraven software, Increase Profit Software is very easy to use. In addition, we always believe in supporting and helping our clients too. We are keen that our clients get the most out of any product they buy from us.

Although there is a bit of number crunching involved with this program, this part is clearly explained in the manual that accompanies the product. This means that all business owners will use easily the software.

This is how a client explained it: “you are a star…Its a pity there isn’t more around like you – it’s so refreshing to actually get proper support for a product and your wish list answered too!!” Angela of A G Bookkeeping

The process is explained in the PDF user guide that accompanies the product when it is downloaded. However, you also have the support forum for any further help you might need to get started. Our goal is for you to succeed in business.

5. The “how do I increase profits?” question turns into…

“How do I achieved my newly identified targets?” Within the guide that comes with the program, we run through how you tackle this new question. This question is extremely powerful, and is one that’s best answered in a brain storming session. This whole process becomes fun and exciting. I guarantee you will also get excited when you see what can be achieved when you invest in Increase Profit Software.

6. Learn how sensitive your business is to price increases

Most business owners cringe at the thought of increasing their prices. But now you’ll be able to discover how sensitive your business is to price increases.

How many clients could you afford to lose and be no worse off, after a set price increase? A neat tool that comes free with Increase Profit Software, will answer this question for you, and do all of the calculations.

Quite simply, all you need to enter are your company turnover (or sales) and your gross profit margin; then choose your potential price increase and you’ll see how many customers you could lose that has no effect on profits.

Download Price Increase Calculator Tool here. However, you receive a free copy of this calculator with Increase Profit Software.

7. Understand the financial trends within your business

An additional benefit of entering your data in this software, is you also have a report on how your company is doing. You will know your gross profit margins, your net profit margins and how much your sales are increasing each year. Plus more, together with a number of asset ratios and trends.

A business colleague told me that I should be charging at least £1,000 for this software. However, I have decided it’s more important for me to offer it at a more reasonable price. This will allow as many entrepreneurs and their businesses around the world to benefit from this powerful resource.

In order for you to better understand Increase Profit Software, we’ve included a few videos.

Case study videos to demonstrate how the software is used in businesses. One business case study is in a fitted furniture business targeting average transaction value.

Increase Profit Case Study 1 – Fitted furniture business with a factory, manufacturing, sales and fitting service

A Increase profit software showing how to increase the profits of a newly acquired business by over £100,000 by increasing the average transaction value.

Received this fantastic software to increase sales and profits in your business for a small £197 £147 investment.

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Increase Profit Case Study 2 – How to increase restaurant sales without advertising

A case study of Increase Profit Software demonstrating how you can increase the sales of your restaurant business without necessarily needing to spend money on advertising.

Original price was: £197.00.Current price is: £147.00.Add to basket


Our 30-Day Promise To You:

If for whatever reason you buy Increase Profit Software and don’t like it, we will refund all your money. No questions asked.


i. This software is Excel Template based. Which means for you to use it, you will need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, or the online version. However, expert knowledge of Excel is not needed. This profit focused software is easy to use and fully explained in the PDF user manual that accompanies the software.

ii. To benefit from Increase Profit Software, your business needs to have been trading for over 12 months. Plus, you need your first set of accounts.

Frequently asked questions about Increase Profit Software here – FAQs


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