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Download our “Price Increase Calculator Tool” to discover how sensitive your business is to price increases.

  1. Are you like most business owners and worried about increasing your prices? With this business tool you can calculate how sensitive your business is to increasing prices charged to customers, before you make any changes.
  2. Are you worried about losing customers to raising prices? With the Price Increase Calculator Tool you will know how many customers you can lose from various percentages of price increases, and not suffer any actual loss of profits for your business (see video below). Make informed decisions about reasonable changes to customer pricing, before you write to customers notifying them of the price increase.
  3. Are you worried about your profit margins and how they are being eroded away, as a result of keeping your prices low? With this business tool you can test your numbers before you commit to increasing prices charged to customers.
  4. Do you want to discover how your profits are affected by increasing prices? When you use Price Increase Calculator, within seconds you will discover your increased profit, if you manage to retain all customers after increasing prices.


Download the “Price Increase Calculator Tool” to discover how sensitive your business is to price increases.

Increasing your prices to customers is an important decision to make as a business owner, if raising your prices is one of the ways you intend to use to increase profits of your company.

It’s not a decision to take lightly either, so having our Price Increase Calculator Tool will help you with this decision making process. Having this business tool will make the decision for you far easier. Knowing the potential outcomes before you make a decision is powerful.

This decision is difficult for most entrepreneurs, as you will know already, but if you have this easy to use business tool it makes your decisions as a business owner far easier to make.

But before you make these important decisions, you’ll have the right information to hand, so you know the potential impact on your business and on your business profits prior to raising the prices charged to customers. You will have key information to help you understand the affect that raising prices has on your company.

The Price Increase Calculator Tool gives you this key business information.

Previously, when I ran my Chartered Accounting Practice, I would have many conversations with clients that were scared to raise their prices. I was also in the same boat with my own business, so I understand the dilemma.

However, what was interesting when I held my first client advisory board was that some of my clients told me that I should increase my prices, as the service I provided was so good.

Having said that, I still needed to know the impact if I increased prices, as the clients in the client advisory board were only a small percentage of my total client-base. Which is when this tool was first created to help my decision making process for my own business.

For you, help is at hand with our Price Increase Calculator Tool, in which you can quickly and easily see how much you can increase your prices within your business, but hopefully without affecting the bottom-line.

  1. This business tool comes with a short user manual.
  2. Plus the software itself is very easy to use and to understand.
  3. The software is Microsoft Excel based, and works on both PC and Mac computers.
  4. You do not need to be an Excel expert to use the software.
  5. There is nothing complicated for you to work out.
  6. All you need is a few numbers from your accounts, to have the answers you need at your fingertips.
  7. An instant download after you checkout.

With our Price Increase Calculator Tool, you’ll be able to:

  1. Calculate how sensitive your business profits are to increasing prices.
  2. Know how many customers you could LOSE, as a result of putting price increases to have no actual loss of profits.
  3. Test your numbers, before you commit to increasing your prices.
  4. See what additional profit your business could make at the higher price levels, on the basis you retain all your clients after the price increase.

This business tool is ideal to be used in conjunction with our Increase Profit Software.

Combine these two business tools to discover the best way(s) to increase profits and increase the value of your business. Raising prices is only one of the 7 ways to grow your business, which is why having the Increase Profit Software as well, will help you focus on the other ways to increase profits.

However, instead of not knowing quite how things may turn out, you can quickly run your numbers with both business tools, before you make any changes.

It is always better to be ahead of the game and know where you stand, before you make any changes. I have written an article about increasing your prices with ideas to help make sure you retain your customers, which can be found here.


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